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Camilla is the Crown Princess and Heir to the Throne of Kirkland. She's decisive, headstrong, and competent- once she’s decided to do something, nothing will stop her. She is eager to be Queen.

In the first episode, she runs away from home to join the Companions of the Root.

She is voiced by Lena Winter.


The Princess is in her early 20s. She should have been married off long ago, but an unstoppable force met an immovable object as far as that went. Like her father, she is used to getting her way. She's known for her commanding presence and impeccable fashion sense. No matter the situation, she always looks flawless. (Episode 1)


  • "That Little Miss Princess Adventure to you!" - 1.01

Personal Life[]

Her full name is The Royal Princess Camilla Aslinn Philomenia Antonia, Duchess of Brador and [spoiler] Briarthorne.

King Alfred never married, and so it was decided that he should chose one of his extended relations to be his heir. He adopted Camilla when she was two years old; even at such a young age she was the cleverest of all of his family.

She is descended from Lord Kirk, the first King and founder of Kirkland, and her birth parents are Lord Gladforth and Lady Beatrice Cesso of Barefrost. However, they have no relationship.


  • Lena Winter based Camilla’s accent and vocal pattern on Tahani from The Good Place as played by Jameela Jamil
  • Dresses in fine clothes, no matter the situation