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The Companions face their fears in the Whispering Woods. Faendyr is offered help from an unexpected individual.

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Trivia Edit

  • The title comes from one of Faendyr's lines in this episode.

Full credits Edit

Episode written by: Lena (E.L.) Winter & Laura Zheng

Original music: Michael Reilly

Editing: Lena Winter, Michael Reilly

Sound design: Lena Winter, Michael Reilly

Producers: Lena Winter, Michael Reilly, Laura Zheng

Sound engineering: Michael Reilly

Performance direction: Laura Zheng

Characters in order of appearance

The Bard: Michael Reilly

Colin: Lena Winter

Gil: Michael Silver

Camilla: Lena Winter

Faendyr: Daniel Johnston

Bianka: Bridgette Saverine

Keanu: Michael Reilly

The Woods: Stacey Kruml, Michael Reilly, Michael Silver, Lena Winter, Andrew Quilpa

Rodney: Anderson Wells

Duchess Withershanks: Yasmin Tuazon

Announcer: Michael Reilly

Peerless: Andrew Quilpa

Uxellodunnon: Nicolas Temple

Customs Agent: Stacey Kruml

Court Announcer: Stacey Kruml

Courtiers: Andrew Quilpa, Daniel Johnston, Stacey Kruml, Amanda Spellman, Lena Winter, Michael Silver

The Eternal Empress: Amanda Spellman

Guard: Daniel Johnston

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