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Master Faendyr, as he is known in the court of King Alfred, is the official mage in service of the King of Kirkland. This is an important position and carries much respect. However, Faendyr is most well-known in the court for his good looks and impressive, albeit unique, fashion-sense. 



Faendyr Lwellenar, Lwellenar-

That's elvish!

He's the handsome, well-dressed Elven-mage,

That's because he's elvish--


He is described in the script for Episode 1 with: 

It's Faendyr, the tall, super handsome, and incredibly Extra(tm) Elven mage. As he's from Amaranthyne in the Elven Imperium, he speaks with what we'd call an American accent.

Personal Life[]

to be added


  • "Ooooooh. Daddy like." -1.9


  • Found of fire-based spells
  • Prefers vintage robes