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Gilbert is tasked by King Alfred with finding a unicorn for his zoological gardens and to find a way to return Sir Rodney to his human form.

He is considered to be the third-best knight in Kirkland, after Lord Peerless and Sir Rodney.

Gilbert has a fear of offending anyone, leading him to be overly apologetic.

He is voiced by Michael Silver.


According to the script of Episode 1:

He's clearly lived the life of someone who fights for a living and has several (attractively placed) scars. However, he's not the stereotypical knight, personality-wise."

Personal Life[]

Gilbert is a middle-child in a large family. His grandmother was Ser Vera of Lakewallow, whose exploits in the War of the Trance Worm earned her the name Wyvernguard, which all her descendants now carry. His father is also a well known knight, Sir Edward. His mother Jacqueline’s family hails from Fauntario, which is where Gilbert’s unusual name pronunciation comes from. 

Gilbert is trans, and chose his name in honor of his maternal grandfather. 


  • To be honest I have no idea why I'm here. And this isn't a stick, it's a root, actually. I mean, it's not a root, it's my friend... Sorry. It's kind of a long story. Just curious, can you undo a spell that turned a human into a root? - 1.04
  • "Sorry." every episode, just about.


  • His first name is pronounced "gil-BEAR"
  • Gilbert rose to some distinction during the Chicken Affair, although he personally finds the whole thing embarrassing, especially when compared to the exploits of his father and his grandmother.