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Gwendolyn is the odd village witch of Fools Reach. She is responsible for turning Rodney into a root, and asks the Companions to retrieve the Unholy Relics (the Hungering Band and the Consumer of Flesh) for her so she can turn him back.

Personal Information

She is described in the script for Episode 1 with: 

It's difficult to nail down Gwendolyn's age. She's a bit frazzled and a bit kooky. Nothing like a scary witch who lives in a hut in the middle of the forest.


  • "Where are my manners, come on in! Do you want some tea? Nope, better not it might be poisoned. I'm kidding! I'm kidding! … But it might be though, better not. So, what can I do ya for?" - 1.01
  • "If you will excuse me, I have some important persons I'm distilling." - 1.10


  • Courtney Branch and Lena Winter were in a college improv troupe together (along with Tatum Moss, voice of Faendyr). Winter wrote the character with Branch in mind, inspired by a recurring character Branch created during their troupe's season.
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