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The Companions visit a necromancer and get more than they bargained for. Gil is visited by an old friend.


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  • This episode is the first appearance of Keanu , Malphoreus , Snowball and Steve the Skeleton
  • Keanu was intended to be a placeholder name, suggested by Michael Reilly in homage to Keanu Reeves, but it stuck.
  • Malphoreus' spells are the voice actor Bill Hurlbut reading some of his lines backwards, which was his idea. There is a video of of him recording here.
  • Snowball's "cat noises" are Lena Winter's cat, Skittles in her acting debut. She was paid for her work in cheese.
  • The episode title is one of Colin's lines

Full credits[]

Episode written by: E.L. Winter & Lar Zheng

from a story by E.L. Winter, Lar Zheng & Michael Reilly

Original music: Michael Reilly

Audio editing: Lena Winter, Michael Reilly

Sound design: Lena Winter, Michael Reilly

Producers: Lena Winter, Michael Reilly, Lar Zheng

Sound engineering: Michael Reilly

Performance direction: Michael Reilly, Lena Winter, Lar Zheng

Performance manager: Lar Zheng

Characters in order of appearance

Bard: Michael Reilly

Bianka: Bridgette Saverine

Gil: Michael Silver

Camilla: Lena Winter

Faendyr: Tatum Moss

Colin: Lena Winter

Gwendolyn: Courtney Branch

Peerless: Andrew Quilpa

Kevin: Laura Zheng

Steve the Skeleton: Michael Reilly

Malphoreus: Bill Hurlbut

Snowball's meows: Skittles Louise Winter

Snowball's lines: Lena Winter

Keanu: Michael Reilly

Rodney: Anderson Wells