The Kingdom of Kirkland is the westward of the two central countries of the continent of Ilsylian, the other being Westland to the east. It is bordered by The Elven Imperium to the north, and Navakisnk to the south.

Important Locations Edit

  • The Capital, home to the royal castle and its seat of government
  • Rippling Brook
  • Fools Haven


In the year 239 of the Diamond Age humans began arriving in Ilsylian in "primitive" boats. Finding the temperate climate to be suitable for farming, they quickly spread throughout central Ilsylian. At that time the Elven Imperium ruled all but the southernmost of the continent.

In 297, alarmed by the humans’ quick procreation and ability to quickly spread throughout the continent, the Imperium tried to limit their expansion through military force and placement of military governors over human majority provinces. This is mostly seen in the central parts of the continent, the north remaining a elven majority, although there are smaller human settlements.

In 454 two humans, Leonard Kirk and Phillip West organized a rebellion against the Imperium. Although the Imperium soldiers were better trained and armed, in 461 the Imperium admitted defeat.

Lords Kirk and West had intended to rule together, but in 462 they quarreled over a magical goat. Their partnership ended, and each man instead founded his own country.

The throne of Kirkland has remained in the Kirk family, passing down to the eldest child regardless of gender.

In 735 King Albert III died of the Blue Plague, and the throne passed to his son Alfred, who was only eight years old at the time.

Trivia Edit

  • Kirkland was originally named Eastlandia
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