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King Alfred celebrates his favorite goat-centered holiday. Faendyr ignites an already heated situation


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  • Saint Goat was a magical goat that Lords Kirk and West fought over, leading to the end of their partnership and the founding of their respective countries, Kirkland and Westland.

Full Credits[]

Episode written by: E.L. Winter & Lar Zheng

from a story by E.L. Winter, Lar Zheng & Michael Reilly

Original music: Michael Reilly

Audio editing: Lena Winter, Michael Reilly

Sound design: Lena Winter, Michael Reilly

Producers: Lena Winter, Michael Reilly, Lar Zheng

Sound engineering: Michael Reilly

Performance direction: Michael Reilly, Lena Winter, Lar Zheng

Performance manager: Lar Zheng

Characters in order of appearance

Olfga: Yasmin Tuazon

Spartak: Michael Silver

Bard: Michael Reilly

Gil: Michael Silver

Faendyr: Tatum Moss

Old Dwarf: Bill Hurlbut

Colin: Lena Winter

Bianka: Bridgette Saverine

Camilla: Lena Winter

Museum Patron: Tatum Moss

Orc Boys: Michael Silver, Andrew Quilpa, Tom Howley, Tatum Moss

Courtiers: Andrew Quilpa, Stacey Kruml, Tatum Moss, Lena Winter, Michael Silver, Michael Reilly

King Alfred: Brian Lyons-Burke

Willis: David Dubov

Rupert: Tatum Moss