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Gil and Faendyr discover how annoying responsibility can be. Camilla struggles to out-boss Olfga and Boys, which goes as well as you think.


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A transcript is available here.


  • The automaton saying "I'm sorry human, I'm afraid I can't do that" is voiced by Lena Winter. It's a reference to her role as the Interface in EOS 10 , where she says, "I'm sorry Ryan, I'm afraid I can't do that." (The line in EOS 10 is itself a reference to HAL 9000 in 2001: A Space Oddessy)
  • The vendor repeatedly calling "Dwarven crafts! Fine dwarves crafts direct from Orzamar!" is a reference to Dragon Age: Origins. In the game, a merchant yells the line so many time it became a meme among players.
  • This episode is the first with Bianka.

Full credits[]

Episode written by: E.L. Winter & Lar Zheng

from a story by E.L. Winter, Lar Zheng & Michael Reilly

Original music: Michael Reilly

Audio editing: Lena Winter, Michael Reilly

Sound design: Lena Winter, Michael Reilly

Producers: Lena Winter, Michael Reilly, Lar Zheng

Sound engineering: Michael Reilly

Performance direction: Michael Reilly, Lena Winter, Lar Zheng

Performance manager: Lar Zheng

Characters in order of appearance

Olfga: Yasmin Tuazon

Olfga's Boys: Tom Howley, Andrew Quilpa, Michael Silver, Tatum Moss

Head Villager: Michael Reilly

Villagers: Andrew Quilpa, Michael Reilly, Tom Howley, Yasmin Tuazon, Courtney Branch, Lena Winter

Queen of the Fae: Yasmin Tuazon

Gil: Michael Silver

Faendyr: Tatum Moss

Faeries: Andrew Quilpa, Jenny Oberholtzer, Lena Winter, Courtney Branch

Colin: Lena Winter

Automaton: Stacey Kruml

Jade Reach Merchant: Tom Howley

Brad the rat: Lar Zheng

Bianka: Bridgette Saverine